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In the short video, experts at Ted describe what happens in a migraine. 

Migraine is a neurological disorder that affects multiple parts of the brain and can include symptoms such as bright zigzagging lines across the field of vision, sensitivity to light, lingering fatigue, disrupted sleep, and an incapacitating headache. The word "headache" doesn't fully capture the wide array of experiences that a migraine can entail. The onset of migraines can be preceded by warning signs such as fatigue, mood changes, bursts of yawning, sleep disruption, nausea, light and sound sensitivity or increased thirst. These warning signs point to a particular part of the brain, the hypothalamus, which is more active than usual in the days before a migraine. The exact cause of migraines is still not fully understood. The video goes on to explain in more detail the different stages of migraine and the different areas of the brain that are affected by this neurological disorder.

Lesson by Marianne Schwarz, directed by Bálint Gelley, CUB Animation TED. This is a link to third-party content which we hope is useful and readers  use, as will find helpful. We do not imply any ownership of this content.